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Goals, Intentions and Strategies to… climb Harder!


We’ve all been there at some point in our life, asking ourselves how do I get to the next level? How do I climb harder, better, smarter, etc.?  The problem today is the vast amount of information on training and training for climbing. It’s easy to get lost or not know where to start. I’m an expert in training and here are 3 easy steps you can take to get yourself setup and on your way to climbing harder, today!

  1. Set a goal. Have a clear image or tangible achievement on your mind, in writing or on the calendar. This is a great way to motivate yourself and increases your chances of success at meeting the goal.
  2. Set an intention. Goals are great and coupled with a clear intention, you will find that the universe starts speaking to you. It’s like buying your first car and all of a sudden you feel that everyone owns the same model vehicle because it’s as if you just started noticing them on the road. Your intention will help attract what you need to make your goal. The clearer the intention the more able and willing people will be to help you get there.
  3. Define a strategy. I’m super analytical so I literally outline what I want or need to do to make my goal. Strategy doesn’t have to be that detailed, but it does need to be understood. A strategy helps maintain focus, commitment, and builds confidence as you progress towards your goal.

Finally, climbing harder means nothing if you aren’t out there having fun. Stay hungry, my friends! :)

Written by Audrey

September 22nd, 2011 at 9:37 pm

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